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Most powerful ways to beat procrastination and start writing your essays

Once in a while, we find ourselves postponing certain things, including important ones like writing an essay. The truth is that you are not alone. Almost everyone procrastinates. It is a common problem we all face when we have something important to write and just can’t bring ourselves to start.

You could say you are having writer’s block when you spend two hours browsing online for every line of essay that you write. No matter the reason, getting started is never easy. But procrastination is a harmful habit, which is why you should learn how to beat it. Here are some powerful tips that can help.

Why do we procrastinate?

Let us begin with why we procrastinate since diagnosing the problem will take us one step close to finding the answer.

Different people procrastinate for varying reasons. Some get distracted by friends or other less important activities. It is also possible that you have a lot to do and you simply don’t know where to start. A lack of interest or passion for the topic you are writing about can also be a contributory factor.

In any case, leaving your essay for later will only move you closer to the deadline. This means for every minute you waste on another activity, you have less time to spend on your essay, and this will affect the quality of your work in the long run.

How can you stop procrastinating?

  • Accept that you are procrastinating: Arguably the very first step in solving the problem of procrastination is to admit that you are doing it. The mere fact that you are reading this article shows that you have realized the problem and you are willing to take steps to stop it.
  • Find out your excuse: As mentioned, different people procrastinate for various reasons. Your reasons for procrastinating is peculiar to you. Find out the most common excuse you give yourself. This is the major cause of your procrastination and identifying it will take you one step close to solving your problem once and for all.
  • Take away distractions: This is easier said than done. However, it is a necessary step if you will ever get to start writing your essay. Once you have discovered what is distracting, take steps to have it removed.

For example, if you always turn to your phone instead of writing your essay, you should switch it off completely or on airplane mode at the designated time. This will make it easier to concentrate on your essay.

  • Create a schedule and set a deadline: ever wondered why your writer’s block suddenly disappeared when you realized that the deadline to submit is in a few days. The truth is that for many people, our mind has been conditioned to take things for granted until it is an emergency. One simple solution is to trick your mind with the same strategy; set an arbitrary deadline for yourself.

It takes discipline to create a schedule and stick to it. But once you start doing so, you will find it easier to start working on your essay. It will help you clear up all your mundane activities and get to the important stuff.

Tips to help you start writing

  • Start with research: writing the first word in your essay might be difficult, but while you are waiting for the juices to start flowing, you can spend the time researching your essay. This helps you get familiar with the subject. It will also create an interest in the topic. The more you understand your essay topic, the easier it is to start writing. You may inspire yourself using free essays.
  • Create a mind map: even when you are having a hard time putting words on paper, you can start writing your essay in your mind. Think about your topic, what you want your essay to include, and the entire structure from start to finish. This way, you can gradually build the skeletal framework for your essay and begin to flesh it up on paper later.
  • Write a draft first: Most people just want to write the perfect essay all at once. This might make the task look harder than it is meant to be. Instead of writing 100% from the onset, you can start with a draft of your essay then gradually perfect it with time.
  • Talk to someone: Talking to someone about your essay ideas can sometimes help you polish your ideas. However, this should be done with absolute discipline. Be sure to keep your conversation focused on your essay and avoid drifting off to another topic entirely. Firstly, find topics for essays to start discussion.
  • Try a different approach: everyone has a writing style they are used to. But if you are always having a hard time starting, you should try changing your approach entirely and see if it helps. The change might do you some good.


Procrastination is an acquired habit. This means that with some effort, you can also put an end to it. Of course, it is not a habit you can break overnight. But with time, determination and discipline you can successfully beat procrastinating and focus on your essay.

Best of luck!

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